Field testing equipment

Beside instruments for CPT applications, GeoPoint develops and manufactures in house field testing equipment, including our widely used static pore pressure meters. These are designed to be placed with standard CPT equipment. The piezo pressure meters are mounted in a PVC or Stainless steel cone shaped housing with 4 holes.
They are available in a range of 200, 500 or 1000kPa and an accuracy of 0.2%.

For logging and monitoring water levels, GeoPoint offers its own range accurate and robust sensors as well as the complete portfolio of RST Geotechnical instruments.

Static pore pressure meters

  • Single use or recoverable
  • 200, 500 and 1000 kPa
  • PVC or Stainless Steel housing

Data loggers

  • Eco-Sense: Standard 4 channel field data logger
  • Mini-Sense: Manual field monitoring device
  • Tiny-Sense: Smart versatile two channel data logger, equipped with a build-in 3G modem
  • Tiny-Sense 4 : The newest, compact 4 channel data logger met 4G modem
  • MicroSense LoRa™ : LoRa™ IoT netwerk (868MHz ISM) logger with low transmission cost
  • MicroSense Sigfox™ : First logger with certified Sigfox™ transceiver

SigFox™ is a registered trademark of SigFox.