Custom made & Specials

Our clients contact us regularly with specific questions that can’t be addressed by standard CPT instruments. Regardless if a small adjustment can do the trick, or a complete new application is required, our highly skilled and experienced staff will tackle the problem in close collaboration with the client.

An example is the development of a CPT cone with built-in video camera and light source.
The video cone is an adjusted regular cone that measures tip, friction and pore pressure and is equipped with inclinometer. Additionally the cone records high resolution colour video in real time. The combination of these parameters records accurate geotechnical information together with visual control of the soil and potential contaminations.
Soil structure, colour, grainsize and other parameters can be recorded without the need of expensive and time consuming soil sampling.

Our heatflow probe is developed to accurately measure thermal conductivity. Applications include the construction of oil pipeline or electrical wiring.

Our diëlectrical CPT cone measures electrical conductivity and electrical permittivity indicating the water content and presence of contaminations, including hydrocarbons.

In collaboration with Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill, the patented SonicCPT system was developed. The SonicCPT is the ultimate solution for soil that cause refusal with standard CPT. SonicCPT is utilized as standard CPT, but will switch to sonic vibrations as soon and as long is needed.
This breakthrough technology in the CPT industry offers significant opportunities to save cost.

For more information: SonicCPT

Do you have a specific application or question?
GeoPoint has the staff, the expertise and the experience to help you solve any CPT challenge.

We offer our support gladly with any geotechnical question, from standard to very specific with custom, development and advice.